XStack contains all the software components needed to run a full regulatory exchange environment. This includes:

Below is a high level overview of the main technology components of XStack:

XStack Overview

Its main components are:

  1. Prodigy
    A matching engine which supports multiple markets with different market rules. Prodigy is built with a plugin architecture where plugins can be developed to support different types of markets. Prodigy will simultaneously run all plugins allowing it run multiple markets at once. Read more …

  2. Asset Registry
    A Hyperledger based registry and settlement system.

  3. Motionite
    Front-office services - typically provided by a brokerage firm in a traditional securities exchange environment. However with XStack, these services are provided as a platform to all brokerage firms participating in the environment and also directly to retail traders. Brokers can focus purely on brokerage services and marketing using the provided platform. Alternatively they can enhance the platform services with 3rd party applications or their own custom extensions. Read more …