Asset Registry

Securely remembering what you own

We are currently developing a replacement for Asset Registry. This reason for this replacement is discussed in this blog post.

The Asset Registry provides a settlement platform and authoritative source of books and records for the issuance, trading and management of digital and traditional assets on a digital exchange.

The registry implements custom business rules and transaction processing workflows combined with encryption, network resilience and security to ensure integrity and transparency regarding the movements and holdings of assets - delivering trust, auditability and governance to the record keeping process whilst providing real-time asset and market participant lifecycle events to authorised parties.

An extensible API layer facilitates easy integration with existing and third-party systems to process trade data feeds, deposits and withdrawals, market participant and asset provisioning and holdings update notifications.

Key functionality includes:

  • Maintenance and validation of Market Participant entities and identity
  • Creation and lifecycle management of Security tokens, digital assets and currencies
  • Asset and cash movement processing, validation, holdings and transaction history
  • Guaranteed authenticity and granular permissioning of participant activity
  • Real-time event notifications to integrated systems
  • Controls and limits governing deposits, withdrawals and trading activities
  • Integration with third party custodial platforms
  • Customisation and extensibility via adapters and pluggable framework
  • High availability and reliability with zero downtime for maintenance and upgrades
  • Corporate Action processing

An optional separate onboarding platform has been developed and is available to integrate with the Asset Registry to automate the acquisition of Issuers, Investors and Digital Assets as detailed in the next section. Please contact Motif Markets for further details and licensing arrangements of the Onboarding Platform if required.

Asset Registry is a settlement and registry system built around Hyperledger. For more information about the technology behind Asset Registry, please refer to our technology description. Alternatively, contact one of our consultants for more information.