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XStack is a full stack Exchange Trading system for regulated securities, carbon credits and other environmental instruments.

It accepts buy and sell orders for instruments and places them in books. The books are monitored and whenever a match occurs, a trade is created. XStack processes trades and settles the resulting transactions. Its inbuilt settlement system will settle using a block-chain ledger. Alternatively, it can link to an external settlement system.

The technology used has been developed to standard expected of regulated environments. XStack has the ability to enforce market rules to provide the level of trust expected by regulators, traders and participants. Its architecture provides the reliability and performance expected by listed entities and traders to provide a frictionless trading environment.


  1. Prodigy
    A plugable matching engine which simultaneously supports multiple markets with their own market rules.

  2. Asset Registry
    A built-in settlement system with a block-chain ledger.

  3. Motionite
    Front-office system with order management, identity management, APIs and terminals. See Motionite website for more information about the front-office system.


An overview of the technology used within XStack.